• Lauren T.

Meet your artist: Jessica LaFountain

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

I saw the potential in Jess from the first minute I met her. I was teaching a makeup class and she was the only one with a notebook and pen in hand. Asking questions with every step I gave and eager to try the new technique when I handed her a brush. Her willingness to listen, learn and try has never left her in the years we've worked together. Those same qualities are present when Jess is with her clients. She listens intently, eager to help achieve the look you are dreaming of and will ask questions to help you get there.

Jess has a natural talent for art (you should see her paintings!) and that passion has created a successful career in the beauty industry. She is a versatile artist that does beautiful work on location for our wedding party's and also does hair cuts/colors at her studio inside Haven Salon. Jess is a graduate of the Paul Mitchell school and has continued her education with various classes each year to keep up to date on trends and new techniques.

When Jess isn't working, you will find her running around after 3 energetic children. I swear, that is how she stays so tiny! Jess would love to be there for your every day hair needs or your wedding day beauty. Check out more of Jess's work on Instagram!