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COLOR BOMB! - Saratoga Portrait Studio

Don't get my wrong, I love my bridal neutral palettes but when given the opportunity to go outside the box and do something F-U-N. I will! That is what happened when Emily called from Saratoga Portrait Studio located inside Bigler Photography in downtown Saratoga Springs, NY. She said they wanted to do a collaborative shoot with lots of color, funky and fun. I said, I'm game. I grabbed two of my talented artists, Osman the hair wizard of oz and simply sweet Mia to join in on the shoot. We had two beautiful women lined up as models, who I have had the pleasure of working with several times before, Deanna and Sarah. Emily let me have full creative freedom on our looks and I decided on a warm - cool color splattered look.

The day of the shoot, I let Osman and Mia take the inspiration and run with it. I couldn't be more proud of their artistry, creativity and ability to push outside our more conservative bridal loving norm. What ended up being even more fun than the creating part was the actual shoot! Emily is so fun, easy to work with and has an eye for detail. Doing a shoot inside the studio worked out amazing because we were able to grab new backgrounds and lights every few minutes to see our work in a whole new way.

Please allow us to color bomb your social media for a minute! Stay tuned for more Saratoga Portrait Studio collaborations to come... :)

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