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Makeup and hair styling can be intimidating. There are soooo many products out there. Which ones are best for ME? What colors fit ME? How do I style MY hair like that?

Have you ever wanted to just take a professional artist home with you? Have them go through your makeup bag and hair drawer, pick out the products you are lacking to achieve your look, show you step by step how to do it?!

Girl, you just came to the right place.

Welcome to the next level experience in personal care. We are pleased to offer personalized custom 

virtual or in person one on one hair and makeup lessons. Our seasoned professional artists will guide you through the entire process of teaching you how to do your own hair styling or makeup application.

Our guided lessons are perfect for brides whether you are concerned about face to face beauty services, having a destination wedding or small elopement ceremony. Wanting to feel and look your best goes far beyond big events, we would love to help you through an every day look, date night, the perfect ponytail or even beach waves! The options and customization are endless.


Included in our lessons:

  • Pre-lesson consult and questionnaire 

  • Custom product recommendation

  • One on one virtual or in person lesson

  • Follow up cheat sheet to recreate the look yourself

Inquire below for this unique experience to take your look to the next level, your way!

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