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Let's connect... virtually ;)

As a professional artist, I have learned from many that when you’re faced with a challenge, instead of backing down you find another solution. I’ve said it a million times before, but the amazing creatives and business owners I get to surround myself with have taught me this lesson over and over.

This year has brought change to the industry and well, how everyone has gone about life. Despite the challenges you have to reroute yourself and keep moving forward. That’s where our virtual hair and makeup lessons come in.

Throughout this pandemic, we’ve been left with many questions as to what the future might hold. I’ve been working closely with Lauren of True Beauty Company to reroute what hair and makeup will look like for us in the days to come. Our biggest shining light has been our new service; virtual hair and makeup lessons.

If you don’t already know, I am a hair and makeup educator. But, specifically for clients instead of other artists. The frequent classes I taught were always held in person at the salon and while I still plan to do so, this new service is going to bring so much more opportunity.

The gift of being “virtual” is that you can do it from anywhere. You want to sit on your front porch on a crisp Sunday morning sipping your coffee and learn how to do a winged eyeliner from your laptop? We can do that. Your sister lives in California and you loved your lesson so much you want her to take one too? We can do that as well. My expertise and knowledge that I have spent years growing and learning is quite literally at your fingertips from any location.

We’re in such an appearance decade, hair and makeup has really taken a turn from what it once was. But also at the same time, hair and makeup has always played an important role in history and I’m sure it always will. Think about the older generations you see with their hair always done and a full face of makeup no matter the occasion.

We’re also in a decade where information on hair and makeup is so easy to get it’s right at our fingertips. But, there’s so much information out there it’s really hard to navigate what information is the best information for you. I would scream from the rooftops over and over the importance of learning from professionals VS YouTube, influencers etc.

Although I love YouTube as much as the next person, anyone can be branded as a “pro” without having the knowledge backing as an actual professional. Professionals spend countless hours learning their craft and learning how to specify each and every look to their specific clients needs. Each and every hair type, texture and skin type, texture etc. is different. Makeup and hair are never a one size fits all thing and each and every person needs specifics suited for them. That’s the ultimate difference of a professional VS an influencer.

Talking about professionals and how big hair and makeup is in this day and age, I am a firm believer that if you are a professional, an entrepreneur etc. you must look the part. Your professional image is everything and that includes how you put yourself together.

I also can’t tell you the countless amount of people who have told me they do the same makeup look on themselves and have for years. As you age, your makeup should change based on your needs and how your appearance changes. Think about it as investing in yourself! That is priceless.

This has also been a MAJOR game changer when it comes to weddings. With restrictions and guidelines having an artist there on the day of your wedding may not be a possibility. So, allow me to teach you how to do your own hair and makeup the week before your wedding!

There are many bonuses to choosing this option for your wedding day including this look plus the tips and tricks I share with you will last you a lifetime to come. Makeup is versatile but the key core components will always be the same. For hair, it can never hurt to know how to properly curl your hair. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people that have taken my classes for hair and are completely mind blown that they had been curling their hair wrong their whole life.

Another bonus is also travel. It can get expensive having an artist come all the way to you, especially if it is a destination wedding. So, instead you can learn from that artist you know and love without the added cost.

Along with your lesson is a step-by-step guide you get sent to you so I ensure you don’t forget any steps. That way the day of, you know exactly what order we went in and exactly what we did.

I’ve already had such positive feedback from multiple brides on how helpful my lessons were. When you know you’re truly making an impact on someone, it pushes you to do more. I’m truly so excited for all the future lessons to come!

My schedule is pretty flexible during the week and on some Sunday’s so I will be opening up morning and afternoon availability during Tuesday-Thursday as well as morning availability on Sunday’s.

If this service sounds like something you or a friend is interested in, don’t hesitate to reach out! You can contact us here for more information.




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