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Will my makeup last?

One of the biggest questions I get from clients is will their makeup last? I totally get it, you have a long night ahead of you full of dancing, crying and sweating. Who would want their perfectly done, flawless makeup go to waste in a couple of hours? No one. Absolutely no one! So I am here to assure you that your makeup WILL last and also teach you a few tricks on how to keep your makeup looking fresh all night long.

So, how am I SO sure your makeup will last? I’ve tried many products on hundreds if not thousands of clients, family & friends, and have seen first hand, how they last throughout the day/night. I feel confident to say that we have found the best of the best for long wearing and water resistant products that look just as good in the first hour as they do in the last.

Let's talk about what products I use and what I do to help the makeup last all night. For the base makeup I always suggest either a good skin care base for long wearing makeup, a primer or foundation that has a primer in it. The benefits of primer are that it helps the longevity of your makeup, addresses certain skin issues (large pores, oil, rosacea etc.) and helps the makeup glide onto the face and not settle into pores or wrinkles. The foundations we love are Face Atelier and Makeup Atelier, which are pro-brands used by makeup artists. I have a full blog post on Face Atelier that explains all the little details of the product and why I use it. To ensure the base makeup stays in place, setting with a powder is crucial. The powder I use is Coty Airspun, which looks great in photos, does not provide flashback and looks great on the skin. By setting the face with powder you are giving something for the foundation to stick to. This helps prevent transfer of the foundation and prevents the foundation from slipping and sliding on the face. For brows, I use the Anastasia Brow Powders or Senna brow palette and I use a wax pencil first to ensure the powder has something to stick to and will stay all night. For the eyes, I use an eye primer to ensure the shadow does not fade throughout the night and the color stays vibrant. False lashes are glued using a latex free formula that is waterproof and will hold all night. Lastly, for setting spray I use the Elcie Cosmetics Hyrda Enhancer or Skindinavia to bring moisture back to the skin as well as help the longevity of the makeup.

As you can see, the key to long lasting makeup is the prep work. Great professionl quality primers, proper skin care and choosing the right foundation formula for your skin needs, come together to create the perfect balance in looking natural and lasting for hours.

The biggest tips I could ever give on making your makeup last longer are to not touch your face and to dab, not rub. When you start touching your face, the oils from your hands start breaking down the products on your face. If you do need to touch your face dab with your finger or lightly press with a Q-tip or tissue.

To ‘freshen’ the makeup you can blot oil on the face with a blotting sheet, tissue or toilet paper. You can also powder the face and re-spray setting spray to bring moisture back to the face.

With these tips and tricks, I am positive you will look flawless all night long. Comment down below and let me know if these tips helped your makeup last longer!




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