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The right beauty team for you

Let’s talk about THE DAY. The once in a lifetime day. The day where all eyes are on you. Your wedding day. You’ve invested SO MUCH into this one special day. Time, effort and let’s face it some serious dollar bills.

Let’s set the scene: Your venue is gorgeous. Your dress is unreal. Your photographer is the best in the business. But what about your hair and makeup team? Here’s why we should be at the TOP of your wedding checklist. Our team of highly qualified seasoned artists are experienced in making you the best version of yourself. Bridal hair and makeup is an art and should not be compared to every day beauty services. To have a look that brings out your most beautiful features, wear from morning mimosas to last call at the bar, and withstand every tear... You need someone who knows what they are doing, how it will photograph and how it will last throughout the day. This is not a day for amateurs!

The top 5 reasons you need

True Beauty Company

  1. We are PROFESSIONAL. Our artists specialize in wedding hair and makeup. We live and breathe it. Our artists take your wedding day serious and hold it with the utmost respect. We will be there together as a team, on time and ready to go. We have the education and experience to give each member of your bridal party our attention and enhance their unique beauty.

  2. We create an EXPERIENCE. I know, you aren’t paying for fun. But we are! On the wedding morning, you are most likely staying in a hotel hanging in your PJs with your best girlfriends.. Breakfast is delivered and mimosas are in hand... Wouldn’t you want the other 2 or 3 people knocking on the door at 7am to feel like an extension of your best friends? Most bridal party beauty services take at least 4 hours, choose a team you trust AND want to be around. It helps set the vibe for your morning.

  3. We know our PRODUCTS. Not all hair and makeup products are created equal. This is not the day for your every day products. Your makeup artist’s kits are filled with professional high definition makeup that will photograph flawlessly and wear through sweat and tears. We are well versed on how our products look on camera to help enhance your best features while camouflaging those you don't love. Same goes for hair products, our stylists steer clear of sprays that are too shiny, stiff or flakey. Only high quality professional brands for us :)

  4. We have our TIMELINES. Your beauty team kicks off your wedding day and it is ridiculously important that they are aware and accustomed to working on a timeline. We have worked thousands of weddings and know how to navigate timing issues that may arise to ensure that the bride and her party are done, happy and where they need to be when photographers arrive!

  5. We work with your VENDORS. Or as I call them, frendors. This amazing crew of people you have gathered together for your big day are most likely ones we have worked with before (and if they aren’t, we’ll be friends before we leave!) You can take the worry off your mind because we know what your photographers, videographers and wedding coordinators need from us. We know the timing they like, the questions they need answered and what they expect from our team. This is a work day for us vendors and together we will seamlessly create the best (stress free!) day possible!

Are you sold yet? Please contact us for your upcoming event! We’d love for you to be our next #truebeautybride

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