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Working with Lauren & True Beauty Co.

When I first started on my freelance journey I immediately connected with Lauren Trudeau. Lauren and I go back to when I first started my career. She worked at the salon I interned at as a senior in high school and worked at after I graduated and got my license. A lot of my techniques as a Makeup Artist I can credit to Lauren. I still specifically remember the day I asked her how to curl someone's eyelashes without hurting them. I was terrified to do it. Her response was that it’s no big deal and actually quite easy. I personally think eyelash curlers can smell your fear… Anyways, I can’t tell you how many times I've creepily watched and observed as she did someone's makeup.

Since then Lauren has started her own company hiring independent artists like me to do hair and makeup for the most special day of your life. Your wedding day. As it says in her bio “True Beauty Company is a collaboration of elite professional hair and makeup artists specializing in on location wedding beauty services.” When I first looked at her website I immediately fell in love. It was so down to earth and so her. When she asked me to be a part of her team there was no way I could say no. It was the perfect fit.

Lauren has been so overwhelmingly supportive of my career it just makes my heart happy. She said to me “If you grow, I grow. If I grow, you grow.” The whole experience working with her has been beyond awesome and it’s only the beginning.

Now let's talk about the other artists I work with at True Beauty Company. Besides the fact that I love Lauren and the company she has made, I beyond love the artists I get to work with. First, I will start with the blonde and bridal expert, Angie. Angie holds a special place in my heart. She took me under her wing immediately and didn’t let me go. She also treated me as if I were her own child. When Angie does bridal hair you will look like you were straight out of a pinterest picture. Speaking from someone who has worked along side of her, she is beyond particular when it comes to her blondes and the outcome is perfection. When I found out I would get to continue working alongside of her I was beyond excited.

Next artist is Osman or “Hair Wizard Of Oz”. When Osman speaks he lights up a room. His personality is so bubbly, so outgoing, he draws the people he attracts to him. For only being 21 years old his talent and knowledge blows me away. His love for hair glows from within him.

Jessica is my next artist. She actually started out as an artist and decided to take a different turn with her career and go back to school for Cosmetology while being a mom of 3. Her personality is one that is hard not to love. The more I learn about her the more I love her. She is strong and a boss babe for sure. I have seen her grow so much already as an artist. Her work is excellent and her creativity shines.

Courtney is another artist at True Beauty. She is also a boss babe and a mom. She is multi-talented doing the prettiest eyelash extensions, hair and makeup. She is raw and down to earth which I love about her. She is another artist that I like to creepily stare at as she does makeup.

Lastly we have Rachel from Color Me Gorgeous and her sidekick Ashley. They work for True Beauty and have a tremendous amount of weddings they do on their own. I got the pleasure of working with these two for the first time recently. I'll save my thoughts on them for a blog coming soon.

I’m sure by now you have realized how much I love working with True Beauty, Lauren and all these amazingly talented artists. Do yourself a favor and go follow all of them on instagram…@truebeautybride, @upstateblondesandbridesbyangie, @hairwizardofoz, @jess_sbeauty, @courtvogel, @colormegorgeous and @paintedbyashleymarie. If you’re looking for a one stop shop for your wedding bridal beauty services I would highly recommend getting in touch with Lauren.



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