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Be TRUE to yourself

Over the past few months I have had a lot of “what if...” thoughts. They’ve occupied the majority of my head space and were my companion in sleepless nights. What if... I want more out of my life than I thought I did? What if.. I have bigger dreams? What if.. those dreams never become reality? What if.. I try and I fail??

The weight of those “what if's" were suffocating until I was faced with a moment to make a decision and blow those what if’s out of the water. I became so full of inspiration and hope that I could explode. What if.. I could attract the positive energy I put out back to me? What if.. I wanted to create something bigger than myself? What if.. I succeeded?

The hours and days that passed after this mind shift left me speechless. I drew my “people” to me. I had the encouragement to dream big and the drive to make it happen.

I have the extreme honor of introducing you to…

True Beauty Company is a collaboration of elite independent hair and makeup artists who have united together to specialize in on location beauty services and provide a TRULY memorable experience. I wanted to create a community to share, grow and network. A group where our differences were honored and together, made stronger.

I have attracted my people. They are wonderful, brilliant, beautiful artists and we share in the same professional values and love of making our clients feel TRULY beautiful. I am in awe of how dedicated and passionate these artists are and honored to call them friends.

I encourage you to follow in our journey, recommend our services and consult with our experts. We are bringing fun, approachable, high end talent to every bride, every women and yes, even every man (stay tuned for this!!). I am ecstatic about continuing to work with my frendors and providing next level customer service to our clients. Let’s do this! :)

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