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Meet your artist: Courtney Vogel

Courtney's steady hands and attention to detail make her an incredible artist. She is one of those magical unicorns that can do both hair and makeup and is dually licensed in NYS as a licensed Cosmetologist and Esthetician! Not only can she do both, but does them VERY well.

Courtney is cool, calm and collected. Her energy is exactly what is needed on the chaos of a wedding day. She loves her work and it shows in every style she does. She is her own worse critic and will work together with our brides until their dream vision is achieved perfectly.

She can twist and weave hair into the most beautiful updos I've ever seen and her makeup is absolutely flawless! She is a volume queen when it comes to both hair and lashes and is your go-to gal if you have a night out for all things glam!

When Courtney isn't on a wedding with our team, you will find her with her sweet and sassy daughter, being mom of the year. She balances personal and work life beautifully and her daughter is lucky to have such an inspirational figure to look up to!

We'd love for you to check out more of Courtney's work on her Instagram.


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