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Meet your artist: Osman Salam

Osman’s energy is completely unmatched. To know him is to love him and you will feel the exact same way when you meet him. Walking into a wedding morning with him is like no other. He comes ready to celebrate his bride's special day and is truly there to help make your day easier. Along with his vibrant soul is a truly incredible, talented artist. His clients are die hard fans of his and some drive hours from all over a few times a year for his hair and makeup services.

Osman's passionate about making women feel beautiful. When you sit in his chair, you will feel a level of confidence like no other. He is an expert in the wedding industry providing hair and makeup services that are desired by so many of our brides. His passion for styling dates all the way back to his high school days when he would braid and style fellow classmates' hair in the hallways.

When he is not doing weddings, you will find him at his beautiful salon suite in Downtown Schenectady where he is also a master of balayage, curly cuts, boudoir shoots and headshots. His reputation has grown so much over the years that his schedule is booked out for weeks and even fellow wedding vendors have become loyal clients.

Outside of work, Osman loves spending quality time with his friends, family and his adorable cats Remy and Harper.

Osman’s past bride's still speak of how incredible he is and have become loyal hair clients of his for life! I've known for years that Osman was going to be massively successful, I can't wait to see his name in lights some day :)

More of Osman's work is available on his Instagram.


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