• Lauren T.

Meet your artist: Amy Renaud

Have you ever connected with someone and instantly, you just know that it is a right fit?

That is exactly how I felt when Amy joined our team. Her personality, professionalism and pure LOVE for our industry hit me right in the heart. Those initial feelings couldn't have ended up more true.

Amy has such a respect for what she does, the clients she serves and the products she chooses to use. Her makeup kit is like nothing I've ever seen, it's spectacular. (Seriously, Sephora would bow down to her!) She has a variety of brands and every color under the sun. Amy is always on the hunt for the next best and most important, cleanest option for our clients.

Amy comes from the retail side of our beauty industry which makes her the perfect person to talk product recommendation with. It also means her customer service and experience are exceptional.

I know you will love Amy as much as I do, her energy on your wedding day is like having another friend joining the crew. All of your girls will leave her chair smiling and maybe gaining a little knowledge on what products are right for them.

When Amy isn't on a wedding for us, you will find her taking classes to fine tune her skills, hanging out with her husband or baking something incredible. To see more of Amy's work, please check out her Instagram!